I’ve had a day of rest, and am feeling a damn sight better than I have for over a week. Who knew that a day of rest helps get over a cold? 🙂

My perceptions of Swancon this year a somewhat muddled. I wasn’t 100% well going in (had been battling a cold for a week prior, and am only just now getting over it) and this affected my enjoyment. Wrangling kids didn’t help either, although the fan creche and children’s programming was AWESOME! Thanks to Emma, Fern, Kate and everyone else who was so wonderful there.

The launch was a lot of fun – playing dress ups always is – and there was a pretty good turnup. Masquerade was also enjoyable (the short time we were there), particularly for the kids. They really did enjoy themselves all weekend and were a bit disappointed they didn’t get to come Sunday or Monday (I wasn’t as sad…)

I seemed to spend a lot of time in Liz and Russ’s room with kids or just getting ready for some thing or other. Thanks guys!

I met a lot of people I only knew online or in passing and enjoyed that aspect. Sales weren’t awesome, particularly on market day, but we still did okay – almost sold out of Canterbury 2100, and sold some nice batches of NCN & Angel Rising together, which was nice. Flinthart sells well 🙂

The Awards were nice, and it was fun to pick up Simon’s Tin Duck two years in a row, and win one too! The conversational review was fun to do, and came out well, so that was lovely.

So now we’ve got a whole heap of work to do for the next two years, preparing for Swancon 36 in 2011. Fun!

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