New Ceres Nights LAUNCHED!!

It was most prettiful and good, thanks to the costuming creations of  , catering of  , and the support of some wonderful Swancon people ( and Maia particularly) and  helping set up, and the wonderful readings by  ,  and  (and the babysitting by the totally awesome super dad Matty Chrulew!).

Pictures by   on my pitiful digital, but I’m sure more will be posted soon from the bigger, better cameras of  and  !


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21 responses to “New Ceres Nights LAUNCHED!!

  1. Anonymous

    Tehani you look AMAZING with pink hair!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Your hair looks like one giant lolly!! Yum yum!

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! Wigs! BIG WIGS! Shiny frocks! Cleveage!!! Perfect launch!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Those are some of the most remarkable costumes I’ve seen outside (or in, for that matter) a period drama in some time!

  5. Anonymous

    You guys look fantastic! I’m jealous, wish I could have been there.

    YAY for the launch! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Cranky now. I believe I could rather have enjoyed working out a ‘George Gordon’ costume.

    Probably for the best, though. I don’t have his liver.

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks Jason – Liz did most of the hard work with the costuming, which is why we all look so purty 🙂

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