Posting comics does not equal LJ updatery…

 And it’s not like nothing has happened this week! Firstly the house debacle – the sellers refused to sign a mutual termination of contract, so I called their bluff and just said, well we’re not buying it. We won’t sign transfer papers. On Friday, the solicitor rang to say they had a signed termination of contract from the seller! Woot! Win! Unfortunately, the other house that I’d asked the owners if they’d be interested in renting to us for six to twelve months was a no too, although the owner said they’d let us know when they got an offer to see if we were interested in counter offering then. We’ll see…

Work’s been busy – have a praccie this week who has been worth his weight in gold, and things are all pretty good right now, although for some reason it feels like I’ve been getting into trouble for doing my job a bit lately! Twice in one week I’ve been chipped by deputies for something that we’ve previously been told to do! Very strange… Anyway, trying not to let it get to me. Four working days til holidays!!

We’ve been over to Rottnest for the first time today. A bit much for the kids with all the walking, but they were okay. If/when we go again, we’ll hire bikes 🙂 Glad to be able to say we’ve been at least. We lived at opposite Fraser Island and never went! And when I lived in Rockhampton in QLD I only went over to Great Keppel once in three years, so at least we’ve managed this one within 18 months 🙂

This week (well, Thursday particularly) saw a couple of hiccups with our local New Ceres Nights printing and Lulu printing options. Yes, BOTH of them, on the same day! Looks like both are resolved now, and we’re a go go for launch on Saturday next week!   has been baking and organising madly, and it’s going to be loads of fun.

I think we’re going to go see Monsters Vs Aliens at the IMAX tomorrow, which should be fun. Am hanging out for holidays though. Desperately. LOTS to do between now and Swancon, so holidays afterwards will be VERY welcome!

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