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NEW CERES NIGHTS is put to bed!

 New Ceres Nights is at the printer. For the first time in weeks I have closed InDesign with no intention of opening it any time soon! It’s going to be so pretty, and such a good read! 

It’s also available for presale! In Australia only at this stage, but don’t worry overseas friends, we’ll have it ready for you soon also!

New Ceres, a planet in the outer colonies, embraced the Age of Enlightenment nearly two hundred years ago and refused to let go. Refugees and opportunists come to New Ceres in search of new lives, escaping the conflicts of the interstellar war that has already destroyed Earth.

New Ceres Nights presents thirteen exciting stories of freedom, debauchery, decadence, subterfuge and murder set against the backdrop of powdered wigs, coffee houses, duels and balls. 

Debutante — Dirk Flinthart 
The Widow’s Seven Candles — Thoraiya Dyer
Code Duello — J C Hay 
Murder in Laochan — Aliette de Bodard
Tontine Mary — Kaaron Warren 
Fair Trade — Stephen Dedman 
A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight — Matthew Farrer 
Prosperine When It Sizzles — Tansy Rayner Roberts 
Candle to the Devil — Sue Isle 
Blessed Are the Dead That the Rain Falls Upon — Martin Livings 
The Sharp Shooter — Sylvia Kelso 
Smuggler’s Moon — Lee Battersby 
The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart — Angela Slatter

New Ceres Nights
With Postage within Australia $35.20 Pick up at Swancon – no postage $29.95

ETA: Hmmm. Link to Paypal may not work – if not, use girliejones ‘ instead 🙂 New Ceres Nights – now preselling

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Tin Duck ballot now available…

 Wheee! Apparently we’re on it 🙂 However, I can’t VIEW it! My Adobe 9 Reader mustn’t be compatible… 😦 Will go look on other computer and see…

But anyway, here’s the details – vote if you’re eligible!

Tin Duck voting forms are now available! 

Completed ballots may be mailed to Tin Ducks Awards Committee, PO Box 555, Inglewood WA 6932. Posted ballots need to be postmarked no later than 3rd April 2009. Alternatively, completed ballots may be placed in the ballot box in the Registration Area of the Convention before 5pm, Saturday 11th April 2009. Voting is open to full and supporting members of Swancon. Voting is by Optional Preferential Voting. Number as many boxes, as you wish in each category, in the order of your preference, 1 being your first choice. You do not have to number every box. The Tin Duck Committee reserves the right to make further decision on the validity of nominees. Ballot form must be clearly signed by the voter. Only one ballot form per person.
More info and forms can be found here:

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Sir Julius Vogel Awards

A big congratulations to Grant Stone for making the shortlist of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards with his story in ASIM #37, "Under Waves and Over". Grant was a great author to work with and I’m chuffed his story made the ballot. He’s also up for Best New Talent which is great!

There’s two other ASIM stories on the ballot, and some other excellent New Zealand work to check out – well done to all shortlistees…

ETA: Oops – shortlist available here –


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tee hee

It really is a very cool ending. Goosebumps. Impossible grin. Loves Jack, and Orlando. 

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Man, I LOVE a good dose of Pirates…

 Heh. I own all the Pirates movies, and yet I will still watch them when they are on telly. Perhaps it’s because there’s bugger all else on… But Captain Jack is soooo cool…gotta love those bad boys… 🙂

In other news, today we went to the big shopping centre up the freeway to do some Big W shopping, among other things. Also got some bits and pieces for my New Ceres launch costume! We then met up with our friends over from QLD for cancer treatment, and they came down to our place. When we took them for a drive around the place, we came across Musselfest (or some such!) on the foreshore, which had free rides and activities for kids, and live music and all. Was a very pleasant surprise, and the kids had a great day.

Tomorrow we’re taking Auntie Gene as our fourth to Cirque du Soleil – Dralion. Am still cross.


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