Discovery: Medieval clothing…

Probably everyone in Perth already knows about this shop, but it’s a new discovery for me! If you’re looking for a medieval style costume, beautifully made, and sized in everything from little girls (size 0 and up!) through to big girls (first thing I tried on fit me!), in every colour and in amazing styles, you could do worse than checking this place out:

They are at the Fremantle E Shed Markets Friday-Sunday but also have a Fremantle shop. And they are excellent. They also have belly dancing outfits! And a small range of boy stuff too, mostly pirate shirts 🙂

And yes, I may have purchased a little something … but it was for Miss Three, not me!


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3 responses to “Discovery: Medieval clothing…

  1. Anonymous

    I assume you’ve already discovered “Enter Camelot” and “Ark of Joan” behind the Old Shanghai foodhall in Freo?

    • Anonymous

      No! I discover very little, left to my own devices 🙂 Thank you!

      • Anonymous

        When you next go to freo, the best sushi is at the Old Shanghai food hall (just walk in and look for the line. It’s deceptive; they move very quickly in taka’s) and then you go behind the pine shop and then into the first alcovey mall-type area you find and look to your left. There’s the shops, and there’s a fairy shop I think your daughter will LOVE to BITS and a gelare and also an Indian stuff shopp where I am hoping to buy a sari from… and all in this tiny concentrated area!


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