Tin Duck ballot now available…

 Wheee! Apparently we’re on it 🙂 However, I can’t VIEW it! My Adobe 9 Reader mustn’t be compatible… 😦 Will go look on other computer and see…

But anyway, here’s the details – vote if you’re eligible!

Tin Duck voting forms are now available! 

Completed ballots may be mailed to Tin Ducks Awards Committee, PO Box 555, Inglewood WA 6932. Posted ballots need to be postmarked no later than 3rd April 2009. Alternatively, completed ballots may be placed in the ballot box in the Registration Area of the Convention before 5pm, Saturday 11th April 2009. Voting is open to full and supporting members of Swancon. Voting is by Optional Preferential Voting. Number as many boxes, as you wish in each category, in the order of your preference, 1 being your first choice. You do not have to number every box. The Tin Duck Committee reserves the right to make further decision on the validity of nominees. Ballot form must be clearly signed by the voter. Only one ballot form per person.
More info and forms can be found here: http://2009.swancon.com.au/tinducks

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