Sir Julius Vogel Awards

A big congratulations to Grant Stone for making the shortlist of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards with his story in ASIM #37, "Under Waves and Over". Grant was a great author to work with and I’m chuffed his story made the ballot. He’s also up for Best New Talent which is great!

There’s two other ASIM stories on the ballot, and some other excellent New Zealand work to check out – well done to all shortlistees…

ETA: Oops – shortlist available here –


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5 responses to “Sir Julius Vogel Awards

  1. Anonymous

    Where can we find the ballot?

  2. Anonymous

    Best of luck with Grant’s nomination (though of course I’m torn between ‘Under Waves and Over’ and Regina Patton’s ‘The Derby’). Mind you, if I’d trimmed 300 more words off ‘The Jackal’s Waltz’, I might have been competing with you, in an editorial fashion …

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks, guys! Not sure of my chances – there are some amazing nominees this year – but it is very cool to be on the ballot (and see the strong ASIM presence).

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