Kid update

Today cost me a FORTUNE. I booked my babysitter to have Miss Three at home because I was committed to an out of school thing (announcer at district swimming carnival!) and I couldn’t let the organiser down on short notice. So there’s $100. Plus daycare (we pay even when we’re absent). Very ‘spensive. Despite sleeping solidly through til after 6am, and being chirpy and bouncy and hungry, Missy ate one weetbix then threw up two minutes later, JUST as I was about to leave. Fortunately, that was it. Babysitter had a bouncy child most of the day, seems the antibiotics kicked in. 

HOWEVER… Master Six came home looking very weary today, and complaining of various tiredness and achyness. And feeling bloody hot. Took temp and it was skyrocketed, so he’s been dosed up now, and we’ll cross our fingers and hope he’s feeling better tomorrow. Doubt it though 😦

Ah, kids… 


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3 responses to “Kid update

  1. Anonymous

    Lee and I both have had very sick tummies for the past couple of days. Lee gets to take the time off work and rest in bed(complete with doctor’s certificate), I get to – well – I get to carry on as usual. Connor still needs attention, there’s still two home opens this weekend, the shopping still needs to be shopped, the freezer still badly needed defrosting.

    Yesterday I turned the freezer off, told Lee to lie on the couch and watch soccer, dumped Connor on him for an hour and a half, rushed out and did the shopping (with only one dash for the loo mid-shop), came home and put the shopping away, made a chicken and brocoli soup for dinner, then flaked on the couch and played poker on the Playstation for a couple of hours.

    This morning I got up and cleaned the freezer out, cleaned the bathroom, washed and hung out four loads of washing, drove to the bank and got Aiden money for his school ball and came home and cleaned the kitchen and dining rooms.

    Erin’s about to go to school and Lee’s STILL in bed. The couch and poker awaits.

    As do half a dozen boxes that need packing.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, the joys of being female 🙂

      Am home today with both kids. Only one is ill, but the other might as well have another restful day anyway!

      Hope you feel better soon…

    • Anonymous

      So it’s not just me then…

      I actually took a sick day last week. Woke up with head cold, got the kids ready for school, took them to school, came home, turned off the phone, set the alarm for two hours and went back to bed. Slept. Bliss.

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