Ah, kids…

 So I’m home again. Got a phone call at quarter to midday that Miss Three had vomited, big time. Finally, after four days of "sore tummy" and a three hour hospital visit with no result and off and on temperature spikes, we have something to show for it! Have been home nearly two hours now, and she’s pale and quiet, but no more vomit or other nastiness. Heading to the doctor’s shortly, but more as a precaution than anything else, as the daycare said there’s been a few cases of kids with tummy pains for a couple of days then some gastro. Hopefully not *much* gastro.

It’s not awesome timing. Hubby went back to work this morning, and I’m supposed to be going to a regional swimming carnival as announcer tomorrow! Plus we now can’t pick up our friends from the airport this afternoon 😦 Hopefully we’ll see them this weekend instead. Hopefully this is a short bug!


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4 responses to “Ah, kids…

  1. Anonymous

    Aaargh! Don’t even WRITE about it. Oh no! Now I have to run away and wash my hands to protect my kids from the terrors of Internet-carried vomit!

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