That cancer fucker.

 We have some old family friends flying in from QLD tomorrow. Judy recently found out she has lung cancer, and has been given twelve months to live. She’s here to try some treatment to improve that estimate. I’ve known these people since I was thirteen, and they’ve been a big part of our lives for a very long time. Judy was the kids’ daycare mum when we lived in Miles, as well as being a family friend. I went to school with their kids, and am friends with them too. 

Last year my aunt Carolyn fought lung cancer, and is doing very well. Last week I got an email from my last school and found out that one of my teacher aides just discovered he has lung cancer. These three people range in age from mid fifties to mid seventies, but all are friends/family and it’s a fucker.

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  1. Anonymous

    sorry for your sad news.

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