Well, that’s probably a good thing then…

 Considering we spent three hours at the hospital this afternoon with a sick little girl, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t have tickets to Cirque du Soleil this afternoon.

Miss Three has been complaining of a sore tummy off and on for the past three days. She had a temp on Friday, which we treated with Panadol, and seemed fine yesterday. This afternoon however, she was complaining of a very sore tummy again, but didn’t need toilet or feel nauseous. I lay down with her on her bed and she went to sleep, only to wake twenty minutes or so later with very pained crying. Her temp was up again, so we decided it just wasn’t worth the risk it could be something nasty. Bundled ourselves up to the hospital and spent the next three hours there. Miss Three was much improved after another dose of Panadol and pretty much bouncing off the walls by the end of the second hour. Resilient little suckers. Appendicitis ruled out, bladder infection ruled out, diabetes test done (and boy didn’t THAT cause some screaming!) but it could be a viral thing in her tummy, which will go away. She ate heaps of dinner when we got home and went happily to bed. Fingers crossed now!


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2 responses to “Well, that’s probably a good thing then…

  1. Anonymous

    Poor little thing. Poor you, too – hospitals suck. At least you were only there three hours. One of my friends waited all night, then just went home because no doctors could see to them.

    Hope she feels better. xoxo

  2. Anonymous

    Glad she’s okay – always a worry with the littlies because they can’t always tell you what’s wrong or how bad it really is. (Our youngest often complains her legs are sore, but we don’t know if that means agony or ache.)

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