IMAX Space Station experience

 So instead of Cirque du Soleil, our special family outing today was an IMAX movie. There’s stuff all on at the cinema that’s suitable for kids at the moment, and there’s nothing at any of the special cinemas, so we decided to head up to Westfield Carousel to the IMAX there and watch the Space Station 3D show. Despite technical difficulties that meant the film started more than fifteen minutes late, and meant no lighting or aircon in the theatre when we first got there, it was worth it. Absolutely blew me away. I mean, I’ve seen bits and pieces on the space station, and know a little bit about it, but it’s astonishing to witness it like this. And talk about claustrophobic! I got a bit chokey when they showed some of the scenes!

Highly recommend this show, and particularly recommend for anyone writing stories about space! Very cool.

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