New Ceres Nights…

I’m plugging away at layout on New Ceres Nights. Another story fully laid tonight (long one too, but one I never get tired of reading, which is nice!) and off to the proofer. I think one story is fully signed off by proofers and author, and another almost so. One other with the proofers. Just nine more to go! 🙂 And the cover is shaping up beautifully. Yay!

In other news, today I’ve said "Yes" to two Swancon panels, and booked (most of) my wonderful outfit for the New Ceres launch. Swancon is shaping up! Twelfth Planet Press has a Con-long market stall upstairs at Swancon, so chances are I’ll be hanging out there a fair bit. Else girliejones might withhold treats 🙂

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