New Ceres Nights update

 We’re on the homeward trek for New Ceres Nights, the print anthology of stories set in the shared world of New Ceres. New Ceres started out as a webzine a couple of years ago, but to me, the concept was so awesome (and the quality of stories produced so high), I felt it deserved to be showcased in print. I convinced girliejones  of this, and we’ve been working on this project ever since. 🙂

Our lineup is awesome. Some of our authors had stories published in the webzine, like cassiphone , flinthart  and girliejones  and I have worked with on projects in the past, and still others are slush survivors.  One thing they all have in common – they write a damn fine story. I’m so excited about this project, which will not only be a great read, but will look sooooo pretty, with its beautiful cover art by Dion Hamill and awesome internals by Richard Bartrop, Daryl Lindquist and Eleanor Clarke. Soooooo pretty!

We’re past the major edits stage and are down to the fiddly bits, and I’m focussed now on layout. Three stories are down, and with proofers, which is a fantastic feeling. Only ten to go! Bring it on!

New Ceres Nights will be launched in grand style at Swancon in April. If you are thinking of going to Swancon but haven’t quite decided to take the plunge, our launch is going to be awesome, so put that on the "reasons to attend" side of the ledger!

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