My Saturday

Well, starting with my Friday? I was a bit down yesterday, but as I suspected, felt much better today, even after a little bit of wine last night 🙂

Had a teensy lay in this morning, despite the best efforts of the children. Got up and found emails from girliejones discussing a catch up today, and was pleased to be able to plan a trip up to Perth, particularly to Planet! Picked up a bunch of books and graphic novels (on sale! Thanks angriest  for the heads up!) for school and a couple for me. I may also read many of the ones I purchased for school…

We meet J there, and meandered up to a nearby coffee cafe where the children (particularly Miss 3 who has been under pressure with her toileting) proceeded to use the loo about 14 times in two hours. *sigh* The conversation I DID manage to participate in was lovely and collegial. Very enjoyable, despite the best effort of the children… 🙂

Came home, ignored the mess, and relaxed. Just discover UNO on Facebook, but am now going back to work. Promise GJ!


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3 responses to “My Saturday

  1. Anonymous

    Firstly, I think she really did go 14 times, that’s not an exaggeration. Secondly, one day you will have sullen teenagers who leave you alone to Chat with Friends and I will be doing the 14 toilet runs in 2 hours. And you will laugh, oh how you will laugh!

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