Well, that was the long weekend…

I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend for five weeks. When we got back from QLD, I had one (tired) day home before heading back to work, and every weekend since then has been busy. Hubby’s been home for almost all of them due to his roster change, and so I hadn’t really had a chance to hook into some of the jobs I’ve been dying to do. This weekend was going to be a "stay at home as much as possible" one. For the most part, this was successful, but still didn’t achieve *quite* as much as I’d hoped. Not bad though.

High priority was editing etc for New Ceres Nights, which is barrelling along nicely. Almost finished my final major edits which is awesome. Also managed to do boring houseworky stuff, like washing, shopping and cleaning up kids rooms. I’ve also been a bit spoiled the past few days as I did the hair thing Thursday and a spa pedicure Saturday – most nice!

Yesterday I woke up and jinked my neck/shoulder again. Not quite as bad as last time, and I decided that pain be buggered, I just had to work. Took some Nurofen and kept going. Made sitting at the editing not all that pleasant, but I’m still here. Big boy had his cricket break up at the Fun Station at 12, then we headed up to Perth for the first family gathering of 2009. FINALLY got to see my cousins Sharon and Matt (we hadn’t caught up since moving here!) and saw my auntie who’s had lung cancer as well. Nice surprise at the end of the night was my cousin Jenni, who I hadn’t seen since we were eight, who is very nice. Hopefully all the girl cousins will get together soon. Was a very nice evening, and although tired, both kids were pretty good.

Today we were supposed to head up to Perth to brunch with girliejones and coode_street but girliejones piked (reasonably so too, after the weekend she’s had! And if I really think about it, I remember her saying last week she wanted a day of quiet today…). Hopefully next weekend, and hopefully her birthday pressie will have arrived by then! So kids and I had a quiet day at home with a nap in the early afternoon and didn’t get out of our PJs til 3.30ish. Lucky too, because then we had a surprise visit from the Batts! Was lovely to see them, very out of the blue, and is something that will hopefully happen more when they get down this way 🙂

So tonight is a quiet one – will finish off these edits and hopefully play some more with layout for NCN, maybe even some ironing. The best thing? NEXT weekend is free too! Woot!


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2 responses to “Well, that was the long weekend…

  1. Anonymous

    I wasn’t really coherent till an hour or two ago

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like it was a mostly nice weekend (except for the shoulder, ouch).

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