…I think we just bought a house.


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22 responses to “Ummm…

  1. Anonymous

    That sounds rather careless of you.

    I hope you have somewhere to put it …

  2. Anonymous

    What suburb?

    • Anonymous

      And surprisingly so! Hubby accidentally saw it yesterday (he was on his way to something else when the agent found out that one had just gone under offer). And then yeah, it seems to suit us! Weird… Needs to be bigger, but for the price, we can afford to MAKE it bigger!

  3. Anonymous

    Oo! Congratulations!

  4. Anonymous

    awesome effort!

    • Anonymous

      Heh. It seems sudden, but I guess considering we’ve actually been looking for twelve months or so… But at least we know our market 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    apparnetly i am catching up backwards – that makes the other more obvious now!

  6. Anonymous

    Excellent, and Warnbro is very near Mandurah, where we intend to buy at the end of next year.

    It’s all coming together.

  7. Anonymous

    Ooo, nice. Whereabouts?

  8. Anonymous

    Just like that, eh? Congrats, good to hear you’re settling in WA 😉

  9. Anonymous

    Waiii! Congrats! Yikes, big deal.

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