And out we go again…

Last night was a lot of fun. I went to a BBQ at my immediate supervisor’s house and had a lovely evening with my colleagues, who are also some of my best friends. As I predicted early in the night, about 9pm hubby rang to say they were going home. I went home myself about 11.30 🙂

And got a sleep in this morning! Thus the day flew by because I lost the first three hours or so, but was fairly peaceful. Hubby decided we wanted to see a movie this evening, and luckily the babysitter was free on short notice. I did NOT enjoy My Bloody Valentine! Was gruesomely horrible, although it achieved its purpose in making my entire body feel tensed up for most of the film! Urk.

Cricket tomorrow, and probably a swim, and maybe visiting some home opens. Pity we’ve got taste for champagne but only money for beer when it comes to houses…!


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9 responses to “And out we go again…

  1. Anonymous

    What suburbs are you looking at?

    • Anonymous

      Anywhere within 20-30 minutes of my beloved school…

      • Anonymous

        It’s all pretty new down there too, isn’t it, so even if you were looking for something a little older, there’s nothing there.

        Good luck! I hope you find something that suits!

  2. Anonymous

    “Pity we’ve got taste for champagne but only money for beer when it comes to houses…!”

    I may be mistaken, but I believe you’ll find that the average house costs considerably more than either champagne or beer. Depending on the quantities concerned, of course.

  3. Anonymous

    A really good home-brewed beer made by someone who knows and cares what they’re doing is far more drinkable and tasty than most champagne-style wines under fifty bucks.

    To clarify the analogy: a somewhat crappy house can be a good thing to buy because it encourages you to renovate, and because you don’t feel at all bad about gutting the place and restructuring it to suit yourselves.

    Renovations are expensive too, of course…

  4. Anonymous

    Hi! If I were to tell you that we are under a thick-thick cover of snow would you be angry with me? Beautiful winter indeed. My boys are wearing socks to prevent snow balls sticking to their toes.- So, for the moment – no BBQ for us!
    Lots of love to you all,

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