And then I’ll kick her sir…

Today I felt a little bit like a kicked puppy. Had some unexpected hurt from more than one quarter in the past two days – y’know, I can usually deal with unexpected biteyness from one, maybe even two sources in a short space of time. When it hits three or four, and I’m working my arse off in real job, not getting enough sleep due to kids deciding that my bed is more comfortable than theirs, and a bunch of other stuff (which is my life as per normal), I don’t deal very well. I go into shut down a bit, and while I don’t let it affect the way I deal with a) my kids and b) my work, people who know me well still notice. I’m usually right after a day or two, cos I don’t stay down for long, and never have, but right now, I’m fragile.

Didn’t help that my wonderful Year 10 English class were planning their autobiographical accounts today, and a few of them were talking about very emotional times in their lives. Was all I could do to keep the tears back *sigh*

A good book, a warm bath, an early night. Recipe for happy. Fingers crossed.


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6 responses to “And then I’ll kick her sir…

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you get the warm bath and early night, and I’ll wish your kids sleep soundly, the whole night in their own beds.

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