Isn’t it funny how you can get so much done some weekends? Last night I hooked into the WASLA newsletter that I have taken on this year and got that as sorted as I could with files and documents missing. Hopefully will be finalised tomorrow to send for proofing and printing, but yay me – next term will not be nearly so difficult as the template will be set up and (hopefully) I will receive all files in the correct format.

Then today, girliejones came to visit unexpectedly (with puppy!) and in about five hours we mapped out the final few weeks of preparing the New Ceres Nights anthology, including artwork, layout, edits and hashing out other details. Now I have lots of work for tonight, but clearly the timing was right! We also had chocolate snakes, cuppas and chat about lots of other stuff in between. Sure, we email and talk online all the time, but it’s just not the same…

So, on top of a birthday party we attended yesterday, cricket for two hours this morning, and some washing and so on, I think I’ve had a pretty productive weekend. Of course, I still haven’t found my work keys, nor is my filing done, or my school prep finished, or some bags from being away completely unpacked, but hey, priorities!

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