New Ceres Nights – coming soon!

We’ve been working on this book for a long time, and while there’s still a couple of months to wait, I give you the lineup! I’m so excited about this project – just look at the awesome I get to work with!

Twelfth Planet Press is delighted to announce the Table of Contents for the forthcoming anthology New Ceres Nights.

New Ceres Nights will feature 10 stories set in the New Ceres shared universe.


Smuggler’s Moon — Lee Battersby
Murder in Laochan — Aliette de Bodard
Fair Trade — Stephen Dedman
The Widow’s Seven Candles — Thoraiya Dyer
A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight — Matthew Farrer
Debutante — Dirk Flinthart
Code Duello — John Hay
Dynamics of New Ceres — Sue Isle
The Sharp Shooter — Sylvia Kelso
Suffer the Children — Martin Livings
The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart — Angela Slatter
Prosperine When It Sizzles — Tansy Rayner Roberts
Tontine Mary — Kaaron Warren

New Ceres Nights Out April 2009

Prepare for the next New Ceresian adventure by reading up on previous ones: here

All New Ceres Projects are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.


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2 responses to “New Ceres Nights – coming soon!

  1. Anonymous


    It’s kind of nifty to appear in an antho with a bunch of writers I’ve also edited… you got Lee, Thoraiya, Angela, Kaaron, Martin, Stephen and Sue. Can I just say I feel infinitely more comfortable popping up in the table of contents than I did in assembling the table of contents?

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, the pleasures of letting go of responsibility.

      I love not being an editor 😀

      Though cough I did agree to go back to do two guest issues of Shiny… but that hardly counts…

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