More mini reviews

So instead of sleeping, prepping for classes, doing the WASLA newsletter or getting the house back in some kind of order after so many weeks away, I’ve been reading. 🙂

The novels I’ve got through this past week or so…

Miles, Mystery and Mayhem, Lois McMaster Bujold, SF, 556pp:  Three works in one book – Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, "Labyrinth" – I love these stories. Great character driven space opera with brilliant overarching world building and excellent action, thrills, plots and sheer fantastic writing. Yet to meet a Bujold I haven’t liked.

Claimed by Shadow, Karen Chance, Paranormal, 374 pp: Disappointingly not as attention keeping as Touch the Dark, and I’m a bit tired of authors changing their world rules to suit some new plot they’ve thunk up, but still a good read, just left of centre of the usual fare. Seemed as though I’d missed something though, since the end of the first book and this, the second. Wonder if there’s a bridging short story or novella somewhere?

Shadow’s Edge, Brett Weeks, Fantasy, 636pp:  This series has totally sucked me in. It’s not the most brilliant writing I’ve ever read, and it’s probably a touch anachronistic to be totally believable, but the characterisation is great, the premise works really well, the twisty plot is brilliant, and I’m sucked in all the way. Totally engaging, and time consumingly good! This is book 2 of the trilogy (I’ve reviewed book one over at ASIF!) and I bought this and the third myself because I liked the first so damn much. That’s as good a recommendation as you’ll ever get from me!

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