You know how when you come back from holidays you always feel like you need a holiday to recover? Well I was doing pretty good at avoiding that syndrome until the Aurealis weekend! That just wiped me out tip aboutthursday when I finally caught up my sleep debt. Unfortunately, last week was also chocked with pd and meetings. What little time I wasn’t ensconsed in one or the other was spent pinballing from one urgent/important decision relating to bookhire/reno or curriculum or something. Full on. If it weren’t for my iPhone and the shiny new school laptop I now have I doubt I would have even checked emails last week, as time at home has also been prioritized to family, having not seen hubby in a whole bunch of weeks and trying to get reorganized from so much time away. And now we’re house hunting, meaning I’m getting no further ahead at home. Ah life, how thee mocks me! 🙂

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