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Since it IS after midnight on the East Coast…

… HAPPY BIRTHDAY girliejones ! Hope you have a lovely relaxing day…

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On the gmail help pages there’s a little box…

… it says:


We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a number of users. This problem occurred at approximately 1.30AM Pacific Time. We’re working hard to resolve this problem and will post updates as we have them. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

INCONVENIENCE? I’d fucking say so! ARGH!

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WTF has happened to gmail???

Anyone else had it disappear?


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via angriest ‘s blog:

Hope is a new multi-part fanzine raising money for bushfire relief in the Australian state of Victoria. It is edited by Grant Watson, with contributions donated by writers, artists and fans in Australia and from overseas. It is supported by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), and has received assistance from the Film & Television Institute of WA, Supanova and Big Finish Productions.

Issue #1 is now available in a PDF edition in return for donations. How much you donate is up to you – a minimum of AUS$5.00 is reasonable.

If you wish to subscribe to the entire series (potentially it will be five issues long), then a donation of at least AUS$20.00 is recommended.

Hope #1 contains contributions from Mo Ali, Sophie Ambrose, R.J. Astruc, Lyn Battersby, K.K. Bishop, Matthew Chrulew, Stephen Dedman, Mark S. Deniz, d.n.l, Paul Haines, Simon Haynes, Kathleen Jennings, Ju Landeesse, Damian Magee, David A. McIntee, Simon Petrie, Andrew Phillips, Gillian Polack, Robert Shearman and Daniel Smith. The cover is by Rebecca Handcock.

Hope #1 contains 46 pages of fiction, non-fiction, artwork, and even a comic book script excerpt!

You can make a donation to the project via Paypal by clicking here:


Once you’ve made a donation, please confirm it by e-mailing Grant at, and letting him know whether you were after just the one issue or the whole series as it’s released.

If you’re leery of donating directly to Grant, to subsequently donate a huge bunch at once, then e-mail him some kind of receipt or screen capture of your donation to the Australian Red Cross and he will trust you and send out the PDF.

Limited print copies are available, if dead trees are your thing. If it’s a print copy you’re after, let Grant know in your e-mail along with your address. Though obviously PDF is preferred to keep the production and postage costs down but the option is there.

Please promote Hope on your own LJ or blog – the more the info spreads, the more money we may raise for the people of rural Victoria.

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Reading updatery and mini reviews

I’m loving that most of the books I’m reading are NOT review copies, and therefore I am not REQUIRED to write real reviews. It’s rather, hmmm, freeing? 🙂 So, in the last couple of weeks…

Mysteria, MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant, P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter, Paranormal anthology, 340pp –  Thoroughly enjoyable. Shared world of paranormal stories, well written, pacy, racy and fun.

Promises in Death, JD Robb, SF/Romance, 342pp – Best one in a while, and I think they’re all pretty good! Beats me how Robb/Roberts can churn out so many books (in a variety of sub genres) and carry on a storyline that’s been going so long but is still fresh and interesting and well written, with characters I just adore. I don’t buy a lot of series books anymore, but I consistently buy the new ones of these!

Mysteria Lane, MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant, P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter, Paranormal anthology, 294pp – Even better (and sexier!) than the first one. A great read!

Chalice, Robin McKinley, Fantasy, 263pp, – I’m a bit conflicted about this. While I read and enjoyed it, it was a bit, hmmm, messy? It seemed to flick around in chronology in ways that were unnecessary. It’s also totally a character based story, which relatively little action, and given it’s billed as YA, I wonder if it will reach and hold its intended audience. I’m a McKinley fan, but if I’d started out here, I might not have been so enamoured.

Eclipse 2, Jonathan Strahan (ED.), SF/Fantasy SS, 287pp – Fantastic collection of stories, mostly SF, but great cross section and some truly excellent stories. Details on my favourites over at lastshortstory 

Preacher Vol. 1 : Gone to Texas, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Graphic Novel/Supernatural, 199pp – Yes, I come late to these things! Wow! Blown away.

Preacher Vol. 2 : Until the end of the world, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Graphic Novel/Supernatural, 245 pp – Best one of the first three. Action packed, suspenseful, scary and made of AWESOME!

Preacher Vol. 3 : Proud Americans, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Graphic Novel/Supernatural, 231pp – Second half (the Irish story) was a lot slower and less intense than the other storylines have been, but still a solid read.

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