More January mini reviews

After the excitement that is the AAs, and before I get stuck back into work, some more January books:

Touch the Dark, Karen Chance, Paranormal, 307pp: Not the highest quality writing but a great story and an interesting premise. Went straight out and bought the sequel once I’d finished it.

The Mountains of Mourning (ebook), Lois McMaster Bujold, SF: Lighter on than the other Vor-books I’ve read, as it’s really just a light mystery with no world shattering import, but a good (quick) read just the same.

Spider Lies, (not out til April from Fremantle Press), Jen Banyard, SF/Childrens, 154pp, ASIF & Fiction Focus reviews to be published: Great, quick read, excellent for kids.

A Little Magic, Nora Roberts, 293pp: 3 novellas, "Spellbound", "Ever After", "In Dreams", all set in Ireland, all a little bit magical (or a lot!). I don’t know how Nora Roberts churns out so much but still manages to write good shite. All three stories are nicely done, with enough magic to make me happy.

Predator, Patricia Cornwell, 373pp: Blech. Present tense narration didn’t work at all for me, and this series, and the cast of characters, has become ridiculously convoluted and overblown. Ick.

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