End of the weekend…and the holidays

Well it’s over. Both the madcap sleeplessness that was the Aurealis Awards AND the nearly five weeks in Queensland. I’m dog tired (5 hours sleep since Friday will do that to you) but the kids have travelled relatively well with only minor bouts of irritability. Currently in a taxi from the airport to home where I plan to have the earliest night possible! One day to recoup tomorrow then back to work (and to see my new Reno!) Tuesday.

So, why the lack of sleep? Too much good company, clearly! Finally got to meet a bunch of my fellow judges and meet some very awesome people I’d only met/ worked with online previously which was great. The awards were a lot of fun (commiserations to flinthart and halspacejock whose acceptances I was given just in case were sadly not needed but kudos to all the winners including catsparx, Trent Jamieson – for his Shiny story! – and ladnews!). Spent a lot of time with new friends afterwards (why yes, there WAS wine involved!) and didn’t get to bed til 4am – these people are bad influences!

Was great fun all up, tho I’ll be paying sleep debt for days I’m sure! I’m so glad I got to go, got to meet new peeps and have so much fun. Frocking up was terrific too!


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5 responses to “End of the weekend…and the holidays

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like a train wreck today — think my Saturday night hangover finally kicked in

    • Anonymous

      I reckon three quarters of that was sleep debt – you were quite virtuous on Friday AND Saturday I thought!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I must have been, although I did seem to have both hands perpetually clutching drinks on Sat nite.

      • Anonymous

        I also, for some reason. I think at least half the time my second glass was water, which was good, but I know that there were times when two were wine – and not always the same wine! Hmmm. I must have been hanging out with some naughty people – heh, Sean Williams and Stuart Mayne the primary culprits!

      • Anonymous

        there were many culprits in that room. I didn’t get a single drink for myself.

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