Aurealis awards weekend – Friday night

Judging by the excellent company, diverse and interesting conversation, number of bottles of wine drunk, and lateness of the hour when beds were finally reached, this is not actually an awards weekend but in fact a con but without all those distractions (like panels, and book selling) that normally disturb the above!

Much fun with girliejones, catsparx, rob hood, cassiphone, benpayne and more briefly, kim w and clarion nuts angie and mac(k?).

Very weary now but raring to go make the most of today. Can sleep on the plane tomorrow, right? 🙂


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7 responses to “Aurealis awards weekend – Friday night

  1. Anonymous

    *iz jealous*
    Have a great time for me

  2. Anonymous

    Me too. Long and vivid descriptions on your return, please!

    • Anonymous

      Heh, I don’t know I could be very articulate past what I’ve said because there’s always lots of “awesome” and “fantastic” thrown in!

  3. Anonymous

    Greetings to all for me, eh? Enjoy yourself!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, when did the icon get a beard trim?!

      • Anonymous

        Eh. I had a birthday. And a very old friend of mine noted on Facebook that the beard was all wrong.

        Since I’d originally snarfed the icon from a pirate game I made for my boys – having nothing else appropriate when I first started blogging – I figured I might as well update.

        The eyes got dark rings under them too. I think he looks much more like a zombie or a parent now…

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