The end is nigh…

The holiday is clearly coming to an end. Spent the morning packing our massively huge suitcases (Christmas presents! Whose idea was it to have CHRISTMAS presents to bring home! Um, and maybe a few more clothes and shoes than I came with…), then the afternoon involved trying to spend at least a few minutes saying goodbye to important people, including the family friend who used to be the kids’ daycarer who found out only a couple of weeks ago that she has lung cancer. Is a bit sad to know it could be two years, or more, until we see these folk again. Then we came home and I checked work email to find teachers already making *urgent* requests (all our middle management are back at work this week) – luckily I have technology and can fulfil said requests online 🙂

Otherwise this week, we’ve visited the old haunts at Chinchilla, catching up with a couple of really good friends for far too briefly. We’ve also been to the pool a lot, and the kids have loved having lots of visits. Miss Three is now a madly confident beast, and Master Six enjoyed showing off his skillz – his diving is getting pretty good, but we’ve got a long way to go on the freestyle!

Unfortunately, editing and reading went a bit by the wayside – didn’t get as much editing done as I’d hoped, but that’s the way it goes. Reviews are up to date though, so that’s a plus!

Hopefully tonight Mum and I will have one last "real time" game of Scrabble, and we’ll be up early tomorrow to go to town for hair arrangement, then the big drive to Brisbane. Have booked dinner for the night, which will no doubt involve lots of wine and laughter as we make the most of the short time we’re all together (at this stage Cat & Rob, Alisa and Tansy, Ben P, Kim W and some other friends of Cat’s) before the very long day on Saturday, with bookshop visiting, Starbucks, AA judges’ lunch, Hachette book launch, and AA ceremony (and then???). Another early start Sunday to catch the plan and officially end the holiday 🙂

And then back to work! Woohoo!

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  1. Anonymous

    See you there!

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