Sunscreen is this wonderful invention that has many benefits. It stops the sun from hurting your skin and turning it an unbecoming shade of red and causing a lot of pain RIGHT BEFORE A VERY LONG AND FULL ON WEEKEND. When you get sunburned, you tend to get tireder, crankier, and less able to drink lots of wine and party all night with your friends. This is very silly and will make us sad, and all your mother friends will TSK you. Be warned.

You might try to counter this by slathering your skin in aloe vera and other such remedies, and DRINK MORE WATER!

Sunscreen also helps prevent skin cancer, and everyone should use it. Especially when they are spending a day outdoors in the bitey Western Australian summer sun.

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  1. Anonymous

    making a cup of black tea, allowing it to cool, and then very gently dabbing it on sunburnt area also helps. My mother always claimed the tannins took the sting out of the burn.

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