Phones and photos

Well, the whole reason behind what became the saga of the iPhone has finally reached it’s home. Hubby urgently wanted a new handset, because his battery was buggered. When I bought the iPhone, I immediately bundled up my old (18months) handset – practically identical to his but newer and in better nick – and sent it to him. That was on December 30, 2008. Today, on January 16th, he finally picked it up from the post office where it’s been sitting since January 2nd. Yeah, clearly urgent! Grrr.

I love my connectivity on my iPhone now. Read Kyla Ward’s story over at Ticon online at playgroup this morning 🙂  Kept up with the multitudionous (is that a word?!) emails that keep flicking around while still being out and about. Addicted? Me?

Oh, and while I haven’t downloaded any photos from my camera yet, here’s a couple from mum’s camera.

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  1. Anonymous

    You might like to try the Livejournal iPhone app. It enables you to upload pics from your phone at lower, more reasonable resolution so that you don’t soak up everybodys bandwidth (which regular iPhone photos do)

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