Mini reviews

Thanks to the spreadsheet geekish influence of one benpayne, I succumbed to the peer pressure and decided to document my reading this year. I’m also going to try to comment on some of the books I read, just a line or two, if I don’t review them (or maybe even if I do, to jog my memory!). Here’s the first ones for the year.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, JK Rowling, YA/Children’s/Fantasy, 109pp – Clever, well put together, maybe a bit preachy, but still cute.

Swallowing Darkness (7th in the Princess Meredith series), Laurell K Hamilton, Paranormal, 365pp – Best one of hers I’ve read in ages. Maybe because it feels a bit like an ENDING.

The Invisible Road, Elizabeth Knox, Fantasy, 677pp – NZ author. Two books republished as one… Fascinating premise, well executed, but two faults – female protag unnecessarily young for the purpose of the story and thus the relationship stuff got a bit ick, and the "Oh look, they’re dead, nah, just tricking!" bit got tired.

I’ve read more than this already of course 🙂 Also read so far in 2009 are a JD Robb novel, a Robin McKinley fantasy (review sent to ASif – probably be there soon), a Johanna Lindsey historical romance (always love a Lindsey!), and I’m halfway through the first Brett Weeks fantasy (look for a review soon) and a collection of Nora Roberts novellas (some romances with a splash of magic). And I think I’ve purchased more books (for my own personal use, not for school!) in the past three weeks than I have in the past twelve months! Weird. Heh, and the same for clothes as well. Holidays are EXPENSIVE!

Now to start with the e-reader too!


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2 responses to “Mini reviews

  1. Anonymous


    I love a Lindsey too! I have a copy of The Wolf and The Dove! One of my favourites LOL plus I had a bunch of others of hers too, but the Wolf and the Dove was my favouritest favouritest LOL

    • Anonymous

      My favourite romance was and still is Catherine Hart’s “Fire and Ice” – I know it’s a flimsy premise, I know that it was crap the way it was okay for him to “cheat” with her as a pirate but he was still jealous of her every friendship (crapness made even worse in the sequel, “Ashes and (to?) Ecstasy”, when she thought he was DEAD and became involved with someone else but he knew damn well he was still married and was screwing around! – still loved it too…), but I loved it. Have no idea how many times I read that book but it’s the only book I’ve EVER worn out. The copy I have is the second one, because the first one fell apart from too many readings!

      But yeah, love a Lindsey, and read and own(ed) most of her back catalogue. Also love Nora, naturally, Iris, Patricia Potter, and most of the gals who were writing Harlequin Historicals back in the day… 🙂 For Contemporary Romance back then, I couldn’t go past a Loveswept. Still good for a one hour read 🙂

      But the best “romances” I ever read (other than “Fire and Ice”) had to be Laura Kinsale’s books – ever read any?

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