More holidaze

We’ve had a very social weekend. Best friend from high school days came with her three kids Saturday morning til after lunch. Then sister in law and two nephews, and a family my mum has "adopted" (newly emigrated from South Africa and completely lovely and fun) came mid afternoon until night. Miss 3 was in her element, first girls to play with then cousin to run riot with, then a teenager to read her stories in the evening! Master 6 also had a ball, taking the Sth African kids fishing at the dam and they had a huge haul of "bobbies". Much fun.

Today we had unexpected visitors for a while about 8.30am (none of us even out of PJs! – luckily good family friends), then we went to Drillham to BFFHS’s family for a few hours. Then to town to see another friends and kids who were just visiting their parents for the weekend and spent a couple of hours. After that it was pool time again – my kids are just having a ball at the pool, and we manage to time it well to meet with MORE friends and kids! Two and a half hours this arvo…  Home again to same friends as we’d visited this afternoon, just the matriarch and patriarch of the family though 🙂

Tomorrow Poppop takes the boy back to Poona for more fishing, while the girls stay home – shopping trip to the "big smoke" tomorrow, then more socialising planned for the week.

But I’m not getting NEARLY enough reading done! I did finish a Kathy Reichs and the Elizabeth Knox monster I was reading (both in the one night – got hooked) and I started a lightweight Nora Roberts last night…

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  1. Anonymous

    Greetings from Hughenden

    Hey there Mrs Social Butterfly, I was just addressing the Peter McNamarra awards issue – I don’t know any of these folks at all, at all. So I took a stab, lets hope I haven’t upset some carefully balanced apple cart of Australian hierarchical precedence in sci-fi spec-fic lit.
    Will you be at the Aurealis Awards in Brisbane? I am flying down – fingers crossed what with the cyclone hanging about and all – and plan to get to the judges panel and the awards ceremony and the breakfast and the industry panel and maybe even get to see a movie in amongst that lot.

    All is well in the bush/outer planet of the Big H and hopping to have a fast but uneventful 2009.
    My email

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