Holiday updatery

After 10 days floating around Poona, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg, we came back to the country home (*grin*) on Monday. Stopped at an ex-work colleague’s house near Chinchilla on the way, and quick stops with friends and then family as well. Tuesday was quiet, washing and ironing, tidying suitcases up etc, until brother and sister-in-law and nephews came out about 5ish. Four tired feral kids = sooo much fun… Luckily there’s a big yard to let them loose in, although the skeeters were a bit bitey that night.

Yesterday we spent the morning cleaning up and all that, thinking we would have a visitor for morning tea (who didn’t come). All the kids wanted to do was go to town and go to the pool where sister-in-law had arranged to meet us at 2.30. We eventually left home at 12.30, to grab lunch and visit at mum’s work. Meanwhile, S-I-L rang and said they weren’t coming to pool. She’d changed her plans for the day EARLY in the day but hadn’t bothered to let us know. Graargh! Still, had a lovely time at the pool with two different lots of friends. Master 6 showing off his skills from swimming lessons late in the year at school and enjoying diving for coins. Miss 3 a little cautious initially (first time in the big pool) but within half an hour was happily floating about and starting to paddle. She’s a water baby too. Really need to start spending more time in the water again.

Today is another quiet at home day (although we’ve early visitors now) – Scrabble and New Ceres editing is on the cards! Further plans – good friends to spend the day with tomorrow and Saturday; phone to pick up tomorrow; BBQ with other friends Saturday arvo; trip to Toowoomba on Monday.  I think PopPop is taking the boy back to Poona for more fishing early next week, but not sure if we’ll go back that way or not. 

And I’ve been reading lots. In the middle of The Invisible Road by Elizabeth Knox right now…


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3 responses to “Holiday updatery

  1. Anonymous

    I keep saying. You want a holiday? Bring your feral kids here. Fifty acres, no mosquitoes: aircon permanently set to “ahhhhhh”.

    • Anonymous

      What’s September like in your neck of the woods?

      • Anonymous

        Springtime: quite chilly still, and often rainy – but the flowers are everywhere, and it’s green and gorgeous. Not so good for fruits and berries, but the scallops are in season, and the early spring lamb can be had too.

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