So have I said Happy New Year?

Hmmm. Nope. Happy New Year all!

Nice peaceful start to 2009 for us. We were in Bundaberg (arguing black and blue over the fucked i-phone) but then a lovely (if hot) afternoon/evening – caught up with a friend from when we were at Chinchilla who is now in Bundy, and then with old old family friends. Played two games of Scrabble while watching the Tattoo and left about 10.30 to drive back to Poona. Nice to spend some time with Dad and chatted away for the hour and a half back.

No sleep ins with small children but Mum and Auntie Marg and I managed four games of Super Scrabble during the day (200 tiles, bigger board, QUADRUPLE letter and word squares!) of which I won three, and also managed to write and type and send off four reviews to girliejones by the end of the night. Was too bloody hot to do anything else, so we didn’t :).

Yesterday dropped Marg to Hervey Bay airport to fly back to Sydney and Mum and Miss 3 and I headed to Maryborough for shopping (again). By this time the heat had broken to driving rain, and as I was walking from the car to the shopping centre with Missy on my hip and a brolly over my head I slipped on the yellow (safety) paint as you step up onto the ramp to the pavement and she and I smashed to the ground. Have a lovely graze up my shin and knee, and some strange aches today, but no real ill effects for either of us despite a very heavy fall. Maybe the puddles cushioned us! Retail therapy helped 🙂

I’ve bought a bunch of books in the past two weeks, after no purchasing many personally for  absolutely AGES (what with review and judging copies, and getting my buying fix through school!). Picked up graphic novels and a new Robin McKinley (YA and dragons – fun!) at Planet before I left Perth. Found a JD Robb I hadn’t read when shopping on Monday (waited til I finished the new Trudi Canavan – "The Magician’s Apprentice" and reviewed – before I started reading it), and yesterday got a Stephen King collection I hadn’t seen and also The Chaos Crystal by Jennifer Fallon – fourth book of the Tide Lords series which I’ve read the first three of as an Aurealis judge. As I can’t judge the fantasy novel category three years in a row, I figured I needed to get it!

I then decided to follow benpayne ‘s advice and started a Google doc reading spreadsheet. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it!

Today is another quiet one at home – need to clean up!

Hope your New Year has been nice!


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6 responses to “So have I said Happy New Year?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m debating whether its collectively helpful or overly competitive for us all to share access to said spreadsheets

    Sorry to hear about your fall – must have been scary.

    • Anonymous

      Was weird – didn’t really hurt or anything, and because it was pouring rain and G had fallen too, all I was worried about was picking her up and getting out of the wet!

      Don’t know how helpful this spreadsheet sharing is because Payne is a madness on spreadsheets! I have no idea what most of his columns mean!

      • Anonymous

        I think I would have been upset cause I was carrying G and she might have been scared. But good to hear its all ok.

        Yeh Payne is mad on the spreadsheets. But he did design the LSS one and many of the TPP ones. I think yours is more logging what you read which is cool since you don’t seem to lack focus or pace with reading 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Oh, is there another purpose for the reading spreadsheets? I thought it was just a log!

        You people are strange in your reading… Hmmm. Mayhap I am fast becoming one of “you people”!

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        (mine has or will have all my goals /resolutions in it too, as soon as i finish updating it)

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