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Oh LJ hive mind, help me!

I desperately want to get a device to read electronically. I can’t stand sitting at my desktop to read, and I really want something I can carry with me easily. Can’t get Kindles in Australia of course. And I really wish Google would decide to blow all these other suckers out of the water with something really cool in an e-reader, but I guess it’s not happening soon. So I’m tossing up. Esteemed colleague Mr Strahan has said nice things about the Sony E-Reader, but these are apparently not sold in Australia either – well, none of the tech places I’ve asked about them have a clue! Clearly we’re ahead of our time here in Aus, wanting to read electronically!

I’m torn. Do I bite the bullet and get myself an I-Phone (and new glasses)? Do I toss my hat in the ring and get an EEE PC? Or do I just say, stuff it, and got for single functionality, and order a Sony from eBay or Amazon? 

I guess I’ll get a lot more use out of the I-Phone than just reading, but chances are it’ll drive me batty with the small screen. EEE PC will let me do other stuff as well, but is a bit dearer and less portable than the other options. E-Reader is limited function which might annoy me for the price, but will mean I’m getting the best reading I guess.

Fors and Againsts?  Anyone?



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Books for sale – CSFG

*Books For Sale*
Haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, and looking for a slightly different present?
Why not give your loved ones a book or two? Or buy them for yourself for some good summer holiday reading?
The Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild has a number of anthologies of short stories for sale. The anthologies contain stories in all forms of speculative fiction – science fiction, horror, fantasy and alternate history.
All the books are professionally produced, with full colour cover art, and most have black and white internal illustrations as well.
The books for sale are:
Machinations (217 pages) $18.95: Spaceships, magical devices, flying machines, instruments to probe the afterlife, technology friendly and otherwise…
Elsewhere (218 pages) $18.95: Far away planets both malevolent and benign, countries ancient and modern and off into the far future, jungles and deserts and mountains, from the depths of the human subconscious to the heights of the tallest…flagpole?
Encounters (213 pages) $18.95: With everything from vampire flatmates to android love, Encounters offers a fine mix of stories from both well-known names and exciting newcomers.
Gastronomicon (93 pages) $10.00: Twisted stories and tasteful recipes, along with tasteful stories and twisted recipes. Spaceships are served with pikelets, werewolves with chocolate, and mermaids with tea.
The Grinding House (217 pages) $20.00: Subtle depictions of future worlds, of stark contemporary settings and alternative realities.
The Outcast (213 pages) $20.00: From a heroic cowboy searching to be saved to a creature who doesn’t know its identity, from an island womanhood trial to a nursery rhyme brought to life, these are stories that touch on the greatest fear of mankind: not belonging.
Until the end of the year, we’re doing a couple of deals – buy Encounters and the Gastronomicon together for only $20.00, or buy Encounters and The Outcast together for only $30.00. 

If you’d like to buy any of these books, please email peter.barritus [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au sort out the details.

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Hmm. Methinks that tonight I am slightly tipsy. For the first time since Convergence last year in fact! Ooh, or maybe Ditmars night at Swancon. Heh. An interesting feeling when not surrounded by likeminded SF folk…

In other news, my library renos are coming along wonderfully. I luvs my tradesmen. No, really!

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Workplace antics

I love renovations! It’s such a long and time consuming thing, to plan and prepare for, but boy, when they finally start, do things happen quick!

I arrived at work around 7.45 this morning. One of my staff had been there six before 6am. Removalists had been there since six, moving the heavy and bulky items we hadn’t been able to manage, prior to the arrival of the builders. Cablers arrived about 8am, the electrician not long after. Movers left just after 8, builders arrived about 9.30 for the first part of a multi step process – that being knocking down a stud wall. Between the noisy cablers and the noisy, dusty builders (who discovered that the stud wall was completely termite ridden, necessitating an immediate visit from the pest control guy, and some congratulatory back patting for self for being part of the decision to take the wall down!) we managed to finish moving some equipment, delete three or four more trolleys of books and dispose of them on the convenient skip, throw a ball around and have pizza for lunch! AND! Organise a couple of new aircons! My school rocks. They want this LRC to be the very best it can be.

Principal and DP and Bursar and various staff visited throughout the afternoon once the wall was down, all echoing the same amazement at how much difference it made. And there’s still so much more to come! Tomorrow, new wall in another room. Wednesday, new door into one half of that room. Thursday, new gyprock wall in the newly designed  "ART SPACE". Friday, um, hmmm. Builders may be finished by then!

Then while I’m away, we’ll get more removalists to pack and shift shelving, carpets ripped up and new (YAY!) stuff laid. Painting will occur. Some new furniture and features. Removalists to bring stuff all back.Windows and other stuff will be cleaned in the regular holiday cleaning schedule. And I should return to a smicky new library!

Then we’ll be playing around with shelving and signage and stuff, but that’s all just fiddly bits. The big stuff will be done and it will be looking of the awesome!

Why yes, I am excited. How can you tell? 🙂 Will post before and after photos AFTER!

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Twelfth Planet Press closed for holidays

The Twelfth Planet Press offices will close for the holidays on December 23rd, 2008, and will re-open on January 5th, 2009.

No TPP email addresses will be answered during this period, so expect some radio silence!

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