Very annoyed

Cost of new i-phone = deferred on contract plan
Time spent fiddling with new i-phone since getting it yesterday morning = six hours
Time spent re-inputting all mobile numbers that didn’t import over = one hour
Annoyance when brand new i-phone suddenly won’t work anymore = fucking immeasurable.

What the FUCK! I just finished inputting all the numbers that didn’t come over, went to send a text, and nothing works. The screen comes on, but it’s like it’s frozen. Can’t slide to open, can’t scroll, can’t even turn the fucker off to restart it and hope for the best because to turn it off, you gotta slide! Argh! Tried taking out SIM, didn’t do anything but lock the phone. Fucked. Fucker. Fuck.

And what’s with the lack of a decent instruction  book? Hell, I know I never read them, but surely a troubleshooting guide wouldn’t hurt? And no reset button!

Someone tell me there’s something really simple I’ve done wrong. Please.


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8 responses to “Very annoyed

  1. Anonymous

    To restart the phone, hold down the on/off button and the home button together and wait about five seconds.

  2. Anonymous

    I had that same problem with my set top box. It turned out that the button called “resolution” actually meant “only find one TV station, kill the menu and make most other buttons inoperative.” It took an engineer an hour to sort it out and find me more TV stations. Then I needed a new aerial (enginner has son in law who got me a decent one for not much money, so that could ahve been much much worse) and it took enginner another hour to get me clear pictures for most channels. He’s coming back for another hour tomorrow, to extend the aerial’s capacity and give me all possible channels.

    I plan to use that instruction book as a prime example of what not to do, next time I teach manual writing. very few writers of manuals actually know how to write or how to use manuals. They screen dump pictures and add text and assume that all readers enjoy geekish-the-language. This is my new theory.

    • Anonymous

      The most useful instruction manual entry may well be this gem: “If you get confused, logic out your dilemma” (from a printer manual in the 1960s). It’s applicable across a remarkably wide range of instances. It may also be the first recorded instance of the word ‘logic’ as a verb …

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, you bought really new latest generation technology. Always going to have problems and break, pretty much.

    I’ve seen heaps of people write about all the problems with those.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, my deeply unhelpful comment was going to be “yes, there’s soemthing very simple that you did wrong: you bought an iPhone before the technology was reliable”.

      But I hope you get it sorted.

  4. Anonymous

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