Season’s Greetings!

All the best for the holiday madness (or relaxness, whatever floats your boat!) to my flisters. Whatever your holidays may be. And for those who don’t celebrate a season now, I hope you get some relaxing and fun time off regardless 🙂

We’ve had a million hours of presents (my brother and his wife and two sons – 4 and 1 – plus me and my two plus Granna and Grandpop, with gifts from rellies interstate and in England makes for a MASSIVE pile of pressies…spoiled rotten the lot of us!) and cake and lollies and choccies and chippies to eat, with Christmas lunch about to go on the table. It’s pleasant 🙂 And HOT (outside). Nice airconditioning, and an enjoyable day thus far. Hope yours is the same!

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One response to “Season’s Greetings!

  1. Anonymous

    Odd about the weather, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be 26 but it feels more like 32.

    I’m about to bring the turkey & veggies in from the BBQ, and it’s been on for about 5 hours so we’re getting very hungry from the smell.

    All the best for xmas and the new year!


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