Oh LJ hive mind, help me!

I desperately want to get a device to read electronically. I can’t stand sitting at my desktop to read, and I really want something I can carry with me easily. Can’t get Kindles in Australia of course. And I really wish Google would decide to blow all these other suckers out of the water with something really cool in an e-reader, but I guess it’s not happening soon. So I’m tossing up. Esteemed colleague Mr Strahan has said nice things about the Sony E-Reader, but these are apparently not sold in Australia either – well, none of the tech places I’ve asked about them have a clue! Clearly we’re ahead of our time here in Aus, wanting to read electronically!

I’m torn. Do I bite the bullet and get myself an I-Phone (and new glasses)? Do I toss my hat in the ring and get an EEE PC? Or do I just say, stuff it, and got for single functionality, and order a Sony from eBay or Amazon? 

I guess I’ll get a lot more use out of the I-Phone than just reading, but chances are it’ll drive me batty with the small screen. EEE PC will let me do other stuff as well, but is a bit dearer and less portable than the other options. E-Reader is limited function which might annoy me for the price, but will mean I’m getting the best reading I guess.

Fors and Againsts?  Anyone?


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20 responses to “Oh LJ hive mind, help me!

  1. Anonymous

    i don’t like using my iphone for reading. it’s handy to be able to look at things on the go, but i think you’d find the screen too small if you were using it as a dedicated reader.

  2. Anonymous

    I want a PDA to do calendar stuff and e-reader stuff – perhaps look at PDA options other than the iPhone?

    • Anonymous

      I decided I really liked the E-Ink technology that makes dedicated readers so cool. Probably not the best time to buy (heh, no doubt there will be something REALLY cool and REALLY cheap out next year) but I need now.

  3. Anonymous

    Eees were $300 at Arrow the other day
    I have read books on my mobile, an E65. What sort of mobile do you have?
    I have no idea about other gadgetry.

    • Anonymous

      My mobile has a teensy screen, and I’m pretty sure would drive me batty trying to read on! But now I’ve purchased. I can stop now πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    I have an iPhone. It is awesome. I love it. But I do not love it for reading on. It is too small, really. I think they are great devices, but I would not consider one the right device to solve this particular problem. They do many other things very well, though, many of them awesome.

    I would definitely find some form of e-paper style display device, like the Kindle, Sony, etc. Ask Sony themselves about the reader. The ePaper type displays are very different to normal computer displays, and seem to be considered much better for reading for a variety of reasons (including the way the power consumption works, and the visual look). Maybe see if you can find someone with one (Jonathon?) and compare the display.

    EEE PCs are also good for many things, and also nifty, but again not the best fit for purpose — IMO a lot better than an iPhone, though, I would certainly consider reading a long text document on an EEE before I would do the same on my iPhone. The 900HA is apparently the one to get, but not the 900A

  5. Anonymous

    Eees are currently available at JBs for about $348. Or $384. Either way, about $200 less than their original price.

    Love my eee

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve got to say, I bought a Sony Reader when they came out here in Ireland (November? I think…) and I adore the thing. Does exactly what it says on the tin, reads multiple formats and fits in my (rather small) handbag. And I can make the font bigger if I need to.


  7. Anonymous

    I love my VGA based smartphone.
    My mum swears by her VGA based organiser.

    VGA is high enough resolution that the text doesn’t look too blurry.

    The IPaq 212 has that resolution. Pity it costs nearly 700 BUCKS!

    (Says the person who paid $1200 for his smartphone)

    • Anonymous

      Heh. I’ve never heard of VGA.

      • Anonymous

        Eep. Thats my bad!
        VGA is a measurement of number of pixels in a screen.
        VGA = 640 pixels x 480 pixels.
        QVGA (Most “organisers”) = 320 x 240
        EEEPC (the original one) = 800 x 480
        EEEPC (the new one) = 1024 x 640
        IPhone = 480 x 320
        PR 505 = 800 x 600

        Generally, if you have a higher resolution at the same screen size you get a “better” picture. (There are exceptions to this rule, but I could go on for hours about resolution vs screen size vs software elements)

      • Anonymous

        Ah. Sometimes I’m such a luddite! Thanks chesh πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous

    I have no trouble reading on my iPhone (or I didn’t have, before it BROKED and had to go back to Apple). Yes, it’s small, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. Much easier than reading on a computer screen.

    And you can play music, listen to audiobooks, read e-books, chat on the web, browse the internet….

    I WANTS MY IPHONE BACK! You should see this crappy little Nokia loaner phone I has. All it does is make phone calls.

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