Workplace antics

I love renovations! It’s such a long and time consuming thing, to plan and prepare for, but boy, when they finally start, do things happen quick!

I arrived at work around 7.45 this morning. One of my staff had been there six before 6am. Removalists had been there since six, moving the heavy and bulky items we hadn’t been able to manage, prior to the arrival of the builders. Cablers arrived about 8am, the electrician not long after. Movers left just after 8, builders arrived about 9.30 for the first part of a multi step process – that being knocking down a stud wall. Between the noisy cablers and the noisy, dusty builders (who discovered that the stud wall was completely termite ridden, necessitating an immediate visit from the pest control guy, and some congratulatory back patting for self for being part of the decision to take the wall down!) we managed to finish moving some equipment, delete three or four more trolleys of books and dispose of them on the convenient skip, throw a ball around and have pizza for lunch! AND! Organise a couple of new aircons! My school rocks. They want this LRC to be the very best it can be.

Principal and DP and Bursar and various staff visited throughout the afternoon once the wall was down, all echoing the same amazement at how much difference it made. And there’s still so much more to come! Tomorrow, new wall in another room. Wednesday, new door into one half of that room. Thursday, new gyprock wall in the newly designed  "ART SPACE". Friday, um, hmmm. Builders may be finished by then!

Then while I’m away, we’ll get more removalists to pack and shift shelving, carpets ripped up and new (YAY!) stuff laid. Painting will occur. Some new furniture and features. Removalists to bring stuff all back.Windows and other stuff will be cleaned in the regular holiday cleaning schedule. And I should return to a smicky new library!

Then we’ll be playing around with shelving and signage and stuff, but that’s all just fiddly bits. The big stuff will be done and it will be looking of the awesome!

Why yes, I am excited. How can you tell? 🙂 Will post before and after photos AFTER!

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