My busy week

I didn’t panic, but there was a lot going on! The fact that my inbox consists almost entirely (and this is literally true!) of Shiny submissions is evidence of the fact I’ve been so busy in other areas. That and the four New Ceres stories I’ve been working on for weeks, still sitting on the desk in front of me. Soon, girliejones  (and authors) soon!

So the refurb of my library has been consuming us for a couple of weeks, as well as the end of year crazy book returns (specifically our bookhire scheme, which is massive). Then started all the end of year stuff. Friday week ago with the family Christmas do the school puts on – Santa comes, there’s a jumping castle for the kids, food. It’s brilliant, and one of the few chances the family comes to work. My kids loved it.

This week we did Kris Kringle, with a secret gift each day for our KK. I received some lovely pressies and had a lot of fun spoiling my recipient – she’s such a nice person it was fun to do nice things for her. Thursday morning we had a brekkie for our library folk, which was lots of fun (with more pressies), and then Friday was the big finale. Yes, a whole bunch of people go in to work next week, but officially, teaching staff finished yesterday. And boy, what a day!

I had a lot of fun being in the staff choir for carols and mass on Friday morning (and even had a little mini solo!). After that, we migrated down to the staff room for staff farewells (one of which was a biggie, as it was for the bursar who was retiring, and he helped BUILD the school!). There may have been some lollies being thrown around the room, that I can neither confirm nor deny came from my general vicinity, but there was a lot of laughs, and a few tears with the farewells. One of our geek gods had put together a great video of the staff, which was brilliant and lots of fun. And then we gave our final pressie to our KK, doing the big reveal of who had who.

After all this, we trooped off to staff luncheon (put on by the school at a gorgeous location), where we ate, drank and were merry. We didn’t leave there til after 4pm (I think they kicked us out as they closed at four!) but then we wandered down the road to a nice beer garden at a local tavern, and the party continued apace.

I was driving (and was therefore most popular!) and had to leave to pick up kids not long after 5.30, but my evening was not over, oh no! We grabbed dinner, the kids changed, and then we headed to big boy’s school for their end of year Christmas concert. Was very pleasant, in nice weather, outside – informal and fun. We only stayed for a few numbers, as kids were pretty weary, but I’m glad we went.

And today – braved the wilds of the local shopping centre (took fifteen minutes and some carpark stalking to get a park) to put some presents under the Kmart Wishing Tree and get a Santa photo (both kids, no tears!) and get a pair of gorgeous Colorado shoes almost half price in the new Fashion Mall! Attempted Target, but kids a bit painful, so we buggered off (and were carpark stalked!).

Were a bit early, so stopped at a park for 20 minutes, then picked up my friend/colleague to go to a lovely peaceful afternoon at a friends/colleagues’ farewell. Now we’re home to relax this evening, but off to cricket for the boy in the morning and maybe (hopefully!) something with girliejones later in the day. Then work (but for good purpose!) on Monday!

Ah, what would I do if I weren’t busy?!

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