I love my job

Despite the occasional hiccup, there is so much that is shiny about my job that I still love it, twelve months in. My colleagues are the most awesome group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We went to a farewell BBQ for a married couple on staff heading overseas for twelve months, and there were maybe eight or nine of us there. I looked around and thought,  "If I knew no-one else in WA, it wouldn’t matter, because the people I work with are some of the best people I’ve ever met." They are the sort of people you want to spend time with even when the job is done. They rock. As professionals, and personally, they are fantastic, and they are a whole heap of the reason I love my job. There are other reasons too. My library refurb is rushing ahead – builders come in to knock down some walls and erect some new ones in different places. New carpet happens early Jan, and hopefully some paint too. When school comes back next year it’s going to be a completely different place, and I can’t wait!

My library staff too, are totally awesome. We hired another teacher’s 19 year old son to help us out for the last four weeks of the year, and the first six weeks of next year, and he’s slotted in so seamlessly we want to keep him. Can’t unfortunately, as he’s doing something silly like studying chemical engineering at uni, but we’d love to! In amongst the masses of books being returned to us for the end of the year, he’s moved furniture, emptied lockers, played catch as stress with the staff member who has worked so many hours in the last two weeks she might as well LIVE at the place… He rocks, and my other staffies rock too, as they’ve just put in so much above and beyond in the past few weeks since we found out all this stuff was happening over the break. And in turn, our bosses have noticed it and given us some major concessions on stuff we have been working towards, which also rocks.

So while I’m really looking forward to the holidays, I’m equally excited about coming back next year. Will be made of awesome.


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2 responses to “I love my job

  1. Anonymous

    Liking your work environment and the people you work with?

    I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about 😦



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