Some more nice words on ASIM 37

ecbatan  (Rich Horton) has favourably mentioned ASIM 37 and 36 (which I had a great deal to do with) in his round up of Andromeda Spaceways in 2008. Some pertinent extracts:

"Night Heron’s Curse", by Thoraiya Dyer, from #37, is a strong story set in Australian Aboriginal culture, about two sisters, one of whom loves the man the other is supposed to marry, and the result of their resistance to this. Ann Leckie’s "The Nalendar" (#36) is one of several stories she has published recently taking a look at the perils of dealing with gods.

Of the short stories, I quite enjoyed Dirk Flinthart’s "This is Not My Story" (#37), about a boy’s friendship with a neighbor girl, and the wild stories they made up, and the games they played set in the worlds of those stories — and the possibility that those stories were, somehow, true. Also, from #36, Rachel Swirsky’s "The Amazing Story of Dominic Lazar", a very funny sendup of a whole variety of pulp conventions; and Cat Sparks’s "Piper", a wrenching look at the effect on a couple of a technology for creating artificial memories.

Nice to see Night Heron’s Curse and This is Not My Story mentioned again – fingers crossed for the Aurealis Awards!

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