Aurealis nods

I was very excited today to see that TWO stories from my final issue, ASIM 37, are finalists in the Aurealis Awards. "This is not my story", by my friend and colleague Dirk Flinthart (flinthart ) has been listed in the Young Adult Short Story catagory, and  "Night Heron", by Thoraiya Dyer made it onto the hotly contested Fantasy Short Story list. I wish I could take some credit for these wonderful stories getting shortlisted, but all I did was pick them for my issue – both stories were published almost completely as submitted to the magazine! Huge kudos to those authors.

ASIM 37 is still available to purchase from the ASIM website in print and PDF – don’t miss it!

Also making the Fantasy Short Story list was Karen Maric’s  "The Last Deflowerer", from ASIM 32. I’m absolutely delighted to see three ASIM stories on the Aurealis Awards shortlists.

And for the first time on the shortlists, ASIM-ite Simon Haynes has shown up with Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch! Yay halspacejock !
Good luck to all finalists!


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2 responses to “Aurealis nods

  1. Anonymous

    Whoo! Lots of familiar names. And Kirstyn McDermott’s “Painlessness” from GUD #2 is in the running for best horror short story! 😀

  2. Anonymous

    I can probably bask in a small quantum of reflected glory for Dirk’s story, ‘cos I proofed it [and I wanted it for my second ASIM issue, but that’s another story]. Ditto ‘Night Heron’ and ‘The Last Deflowerer’, if my memory serves me. So I’m tempted to climb up onto the podium, acceptance speech in hand, should any of them actually get the nod. Because after all, the proofreading can make or break a story. Oh, _sure_, the author plays a part in getting the words written; but it’s the editor’s job to put those words in the right order. And then it’s the proofreader’s job to make sure those words are spelled correctly …

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