This actually started in a discussion on the ASIM list (why yes, I AM still on that list – I’m sure that will change soon…) but I thought it was a cool idea for a meme so I snurched it 🙂

1. Visit this (or your preferred) ANAGRAM maker –
2. Enter your full name (or, mayhap, your online moniker).
3. Post your favourite five anagrams to your blog, and pass on the fun!

Here’s me:

Lease Thy Swine
Elates Wine Shy
Leash Weeny Its
Ashes Teen Wily
Neath Lies Yews

*snicker* These ones are cool though:
For editormum:

Redo It Mum
Rioted Mum
Dim Rote Um
Turd Em I Om


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2 responses to “YOUR NAME ANAGRAM meme

  1. Anonymous

    Bun Ye Lots
    Lob Ye Nuts
    Boy Lent Us
    Boney Lust
    Ebony Slut

  2. Anonymous

    kitten or soup
    nuttier spook
    porous kitten
    one to upskirt

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