Birthdays and all that

Apologies for the radio silence – I’ve had things to say but perhaps not the brain power to say it with lately. Don’t know that today will be much different as I’m running on bugger all sleep, but anyway…

So yesterday was my birthday, and I can’t remember a nicer one! Only thing missing was more time with the family, but we’ll make up for that on the weekend hopefully. It was Awards Night for school so I got to dress up and go out (and it wasn’t even boring!) and hang out with my friends. I love that I count my colleagues as some of my best mates right now. It makes going to work even more fun (yes, after twelve months, I still love my job!).

I walked into my library yesterday morning and did a double take because on my desk was the most massive unicorn balloon I’ve ever seen – actually, I don’t know I’ve EVER seen a unicorn balloon before, so it was even more astonishing!). My staff gave me a lovely morning tea (which we took in period 2!) and a beautiful pair of earrings – in fact, I got earrings from mum and Miss 3 as well, so new earrings where the theme! I went and got my hair ironed after school (hairdresser treat!) and then rushed about getting ready for awards night. Which was nice.

Phone calls from unexpected quarters, iunexpected renditions of the birthday song, students saying Happy Birthday all day, and so many emails and Facebook notes with well wishers, made for a warm and fuzzy day. Thanks everyone.


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8 responses to “Birthdays and all that

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed the day – that’s the most important thing.

  2. Anonymous

    glad you had a great day, and may you have a wonderful year to follow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a unicorn ballon either *g*

  3. Anonymous

    happy belated 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Happy birthday, T. Belated, I know, but nevertheless…

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