Australia, the movie (also known as Hugh Jackman, phwoar!)

Saw  "Australia" tonight, with (get this) SEVEN other English teachers! Had so much fun "viewing" rather than  "watching" but still enjoyed thoroughly. The first third was very Baz, but it got really good after that – less ocker and self conscious, and the bombing scene was truly excellent.

I kept having fits of giggles at some of the music – a stanza from Moulin Rouge here, a bar from Peter Allen there (which totally ruined a big climatic moment for me cos I dissolved into laughter) – and the self referential and inter-textual stuff was both clever and at times hilarious –  "Foxtrot" and "There’s no place like it"…

Think the Wizard of Oz stuff may have been a bit over the top – my friend Jody suggested on the way home that if we really looked, we’d find all the Oz characters in the story – am SO doing that if I watch it again. We also had fun playing "Pick that Aussie actor…"

But it was worth watching, and if you appreciate the genius that is Baz, you’ll like it. It’s not quite epic, but it’s fun and sad and cool and clever and Hugh Jackman semi naked… Can’t go wrong!

And Nulla rocked. Glad I went, definitely. But if I heard one more  "Crikey" I think I would have puked! Just doesn’t sound right coming out of Nicole Kidman’s mouth…


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3 responses to “Australia, the movie (also known as Hugh Jackman, phwoar!)

  1. Anonymous

    Crikey! Semi-naked Jackman! Stone the crows! *snarf*

  2. Anonymous

    I thought pretty much the same as you, Tehani – check out to see. I was all crikeyed out by the end but could have taken a bit more semi-naked Hugh, no worries.

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