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Passing on the word

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SFcrowsnest, the UK magazine, has been hijacked by malicious user:

If you are a FaceBook user, please note, the Magazine FaceBook group has been hijacked. As of yesterday, any messages sent by it are NOT from staff or myself and should be treated as hostile – e.g. potentially containing or leading to scams, malware, compromised web pages and the like.

Please post news of this on your FaceBook profile and let all of your own FaceBook friends know as a matter of urgency.

Secondly, if you run a blog or zine, please spread news that the Magazine FaceBook group at has been hijacked by hostiles and refer them to this warning which is now prominently linked from our own home page and can be found at – I will keep this page updated with developments and any explanation/apology from FaceBook as and when (or if) I get it.

So far only the Magazine FaceBook group at has been hijacked, but seeing it was myself that was singled out by FaceBook hackers, I would suggest also treating any messages from my Rule Jackelia FaceBook group at and my personal Stephen Hunt FaceBook account at as being fatally compromised, as I’m certainly not in control of these two accounts either anymore.

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For Tansy and Sue and Alex and Alisa and Kate and Liz…

I had to make this icon after reading this. And this. And this. And this.

That is all.

I think I’m brain dead after a solid day on TPP stuff with girliejones . That followed a lovely visit from kaelajael  and progeny on Friday night, and included a birthday party with ponies. My life is many and varied.


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Sneak peek at Shiny 4 – out now!

Whet your appetite dear friends…

Bren MacDibble makes her second appearance at Shiny with this story, set against the exotic backdrop of Bali, it’s a little bit SF, a little bit Fantasy. Here’s a taste of it.

Being Bella Wang
by Bren MacDibble

I’d felt her presence ever since the plane touched down in Bali and still I jumped at my name.

“Sienna!” A frail figure swanned across the green, hips jutting through a lime silk slip-dress.

A row of black shadow puppets danced across the hem at her knees. Her chest was
impossibly bony. The silk gaped, unfilled, and her sinewy feet were bare on the fine grass.

“Juliet?” She’d always been thin but this was the wasted body and disaffected pose of one of the starvation cults.

I dropped my putter and hurried towards her. She stretched out her hands, and when I took them they were cold, bizarre in the mugginess of a Balinese morning.

I pulled her to me, whole again after so long apart. She was stiff in my embrace and returned it with just one arm to my back, then pulled away. It hurt. She seemed shorter than me now, beyond the height given to me by golf cleats, but that was
impossible. We were genetically identical.

“Sienna, you softy,” she said. “How goes the golfing life?”

“It’s good enough I suppose.” The old arguments came back to me.

“I hear you’re the favourite for the junior strokeplay tomorrow. The Mother must be
pleased.” Juliet had never regarded the original Bella Wang as a mother, just as The Mother.

“She’s here you know.” I nodded at the clubhouse.

Juliet’s cool pose broke and she glanced towards the clubhouse.

I enjoyed a moment of evil glee until I saw her face in profile.

You can grab your copy of Issue 4 of Shiny from the website. Issue 5 will be out in very early December.

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The Graveyard Book

I kept reading things about Neil Gaiman’s new novel (or perhaps what’s really a collection of connected short stories…) The Graveyard Book, and I kept thinking, by gum, I’ve read that EXACT premise sometime very recently! Duh. Of course I had. Neil Gaiman had a short story in the Dark Alchemy collection called ‘The Witch’s Headstone’. It was driving me bonkers! According to Gaiman’s blog, "The Witch’s Headstone" is actually chapter four of The Graveyard Book. And web searching indicates the bloody story has been reprinted left right and centre (dunno what the original publication was)!

Another reading mystery solverered. 🙂


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Tickets booked!

Tickets booked for Conjecture in Adelaide June 5 – 8, 2009! Very cheaply purchased for kids and self on Tiger Airways. Now to convince mum to fly down from Brissy that weekend… And figure out accommodation!

Also booked – accommodation in Brisbane for the Aurealis Awards weekend! FV4006 is the place if anyone’s looking for accommodation – 200m from the Judith Wright centre where the awards are being held and seems nice – self contained apartments. Their website looks like they are all booked out, but actually they haven’t opened their calendar for January yet.

Don’t tell my husband…


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