The Graveyard Book

I kept reading things about Neil Gaiman’s new novel (or perhaps what’s really a collection of connected short stories…) The Graveyard Book, and I kept thinking, by gum, I’ve read that EXACT premise sometime very recently! Duh. Of course I had. Neil Gaiman had a short story in the Dark Alchemy collection called ‘The Witch’s Headstone’. It was driving me bonkers! According to Gaiman’s blog, "The Witch’s Headstone" is actually chapter four of The Graveyard Book. And web searching indicates the bloody story has been reprinted left right and centre (dunno what the original publication was)!

Another reading mystery solverered. 🙂


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4 responses to “The Graveyard Book

  1. Anonymous

    Really?! OMG! I didn’t realise! No wonder all these titles are familiar…

    Double Duh.

  2. Anonymous

    I liked the Graveyard Book, although I would have liked more detail on some parts that happened off-screen.

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