Tickets booked!

Tickets booked for Conjecture in Adelaide June 5 – 8, 2009! Very cheaply purchased for kids and self on Tiger Airways. Now to convince mum to fly down from Brissy that weekend… And figure out accommodation!

Also booked – accommodation in Brisbane for the Aurealis Awards weekend! FV4006 is the place if anyone’s looking for accommodation – 200m from the Judith Wright centre where the awards are being held and seems nice – self contained apartments. Their website looks like they are all booked out, but actually they haven’t opened their calendar for January yet.

Don’t tell my husband…


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9 responses to “Tickets booked!

  1. Anonymous

    You have officially out-nerded GJ and I. All hail, my queen.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, you’re the king of the arts grant!

  3. Anonymous

    Tell me about thos cheap tickets…

    • Anonymous

      Tiger Airways had promo fares last night for between $79 and $119 on the flights around that weekend. Plus extra baggage costs naturally, but still cheaper than the other airlines overall…

      • Anonymous

        Cheap fares but enormous excess baggage costs. I would be frightened in case my case was overweight! (It usually is…)

      • Anonymous

        Well, 25 kg for $40 (I think) – still cheaper than Virgin and Qantas…

      • Anonymous

        It’s $20 for 20 kg – but that’s only if you guess it right in advance. If you guess 20 kg but have 25 you have to pay an extra $15 per kilo for the extra. I can never tell to more closely than about 5kg so I often have too much, but Qantas so far has never pulled me up, thank heavens. Virgin charges $8 for 15kg but they’ve never pulled me up for a kg or two over, Tiger sounded as if they are quite fair dinkum about charging you for every extra kilo. That’s understandable, I guess, when you look at what fuel costs, but I daren’t risk it:-(

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