Birthday time!

Happy birthday battersblog – hope your day is all good even with sick wife and crazed child!

Batts shares his b’day with my big boy who turns SIX today! And has to visit the doctor with his sister so got a day off school (as did we all). We’ve had Maccas for breakfast, spent three hours shopping productively (and unexpectedly having some lovely pro pix taken for Christmas) and are heading to the docs in about two hours. Master Six was very impressed by his presents, especially the money he got from Granna which she sent so he could buy a new DS game he’s been wanting. Oh, and the Spiderman web fluid thing which was used up in about three minutes but took half an hour to clean up after! (basically silly string – yech). Miss Three has been very good and taking her role to be giving her brother his presents. She even thanked Granna on the phone for his presents! She was a rat at the shops though. Guess the good behaviour ran out…

Feels strange having day off in the middle of our busiest term, but them’s the breaks when you’ve got kids!

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

    (obviously not *too* sick!)

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